Saitama Rakuten International is a comprehensive wealth management company, providing integrated wealth management solutions.

Saitama Rakuten International is a well established, independent wealth manager with a long history of success in meeting the needs of our clients. With offerings that cover multiple jurisdictions around the world, we administer and manage assets of more than US$7.7 billion on behalf of more than 3652 clients.

We provide a wide array of retail products and services including independent estate and wealth planning, advisory & discretionary portfolio management services and stock broker solutions. We also offer access to a comprehensive range of funds.

Staff at Saitama Rakuten International
Experience Saitama Rakuten International

7 Years Experience

Providing financial services to our clients since 2012

Saitama Rakuten International Under Management

$7.7bn under management

We administer and manage assets of more than US$7.7bn on behalf of our clients.

Saitama Rakuten International Clients

3652 active clients

Working with over ​3600 individual and corporate clients.

Saitama Rakuten International Staff

308 Employees

Providing industry leading services across 2 locations.

Our Core Values

Saitama Rakuten International’s management and employees are driven by our five core values to deliver success for our clients, stakeholders and ourselves. These values provide support to our dedication to creating long-lasting client relationships, for creating value for our stakeholders and creating innovations that help us to lead our industry.

The constant pursuit and achievement of these values is something that we all take a significant amount of pride in.

Our long-lasting client relationships are built on trust, and that trust is built upon an environment of transparency, consultation, exceptional service levels and investment ideas that are appropriate for you and your objectives.

It is Saitama Rakuten International ability to consistently reinvent the wheel that powers our business, generating innovative investment ideas and solutions, both for our clients and us as a company, that keeps us ahead of our industry competitors.

Having highly motivated, qualified and hardworking professionals in an entrepreneurial environment breed success and is the source of our exceptional customer service levels and the value we return to our stakeholders.

The basis of our success is our respect for our clients and the integrity of their confidential information.

It is through having as complete an understanding as is possible of our clients, their circumstances, objectives and attitude to risk that we can satisfy them so successfully.

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