Reach your maximum potential at Saitama Rakuten International

To work for Saitama Rakuten International means to be a part of an organisation that promotes innovation and entrepreneurial thinking.

Without the quality of the people we employ, or the innovative environment we have created for them to operate in, we would not have the success we have had, either for ourselves or for our clients. Being fully aware of this, it is our goal to maintain a working culture that encourages hardworking and highly motivated people to reach their maximum potential.

Saitama Rakuten International offers competitive salaries, excellent working conditions, incentives and a very attractive benefits package. We are also firmly committed to the personal and professional growth of our employees, providing numerous training and education opportunities.

If you feel that this may be the right environment for you, please contact us, introduce yourself and ask us for a list of our current job opportunities.


Why Join Our Team?

  1. Competitive salaries
  2. Excellent working conditions
  3. Incentives
  4. Very attractive benefits package
  5. Training and education opportunities

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