Saitama Rakuten International is dedicated to integrating Environmental Social & Governance (ESG), value opportunities and risk considerations into all investment decisions and recommendations we make.

Saitama Rakuten International is committed to considering all relevant and material ESG issues in the process of carrying out our due diligence and in the review and management of investment portfolios to the extent that is practical under reasonable circumstances.

Saitama Rakuten International’s security selection committee, our investment research and analysis professionals, are all responsible for ensuring that ESG issues are considered an integral part of all of our investment decisions and recommendations. We will also pursue the careful management and integration of ESG considerations throughout the investment cycle.

Saitama Rakuten International intends to continually update our ESG policy, when appropriate.

Environment & Social Governance Policy

Saitama Rakuten International Environmental Social & Governance Goals

  1. To consider all relevant and material ESG issues associated with particular security when evaluating whether to invest or recommend an investment, as well as throughout the ownership of that security.
  2. To openly engage and consult with our clients and all relevant stakeholders, whether directly or indirectly, on ESG issues when appropriate.
  3. To influence, not only through our investment decisions, or lack thereof but also through shareholder activism, companies to grow and improve their commitments to ESG standards.
  4. To promote strict policies that prohibit improper payments, bribery and other forms of corruption involving public officials of any jurisdiction, consistent with the OECD Anti-Bribery convention and other similar laws around the world.
  5. To respect the civil rights of all those affected by the investments made by Saitama Rakuten International, or the operations of any company Saitama Rakuten International has invested in, and to ensure that none maintain any discriminatory practices.

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