Saitama Rakuten International is a comprehensive wealth management company, providing integrated wealth management solutions.

Our global offering includes merger & acquisition, corporate finance, restructuring and strategic advice.

Our range of offerings can be customised to the needs of emerging and established business leaders and are suitable for market leaders and growth companies alike. We dedicate ourselves to adding quantitative value to our clients, meeting their requirements at each point of the corporate lifecycle. We provide first-class independent advisory services and expertise in corporate finance and combine that with an international distribution platform and immediate access to institutional investors globally.

What makes Saitama Rakuten International stand out

  1. Our clients are presented with original, innovative and fully considered solutions to meet the obstacles they face
  2. We are dedicated to building long term relationships with our clients, believing that to understand our client’s strategic needs is a prerequisite to meeting them.
  3. We are free from all conflicts that can hamper integrated, multi-product transactions, providing objective advice.
  4. Absolute discretion is central to our offering, understanding the tactical and competitive advantage that can be dependent on it.
  5. Our investment banking team partner with our clients throughout the entire transaction, from initial exploratory work through to post-transaction reviews, meaning that our clients can rely on industry-leading expertise from start to finish.

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