A range of investments that can be tailored to suit every investors expected returns and risk attitude

In order to create and successfully manage an investment portfolio, a great many different resources must be brought to bear, including the insights into the various markets where opportunities reside, the attentive consideration of which of these investments will best suit your circumstances and objectives, and the time needed to come to a decision that you are comfortable with.

With Saitama Rakuten International you can decide whether you want us to manage your investments for you on a discretionary basis, or on an advisory basis where you take a much more hands-on approach and retain the final investment decision. Whichever route you decide to take, you can be assured that your portfolio will reflect your financial objectives, beliefs and risk appetite.

Saitama Rakuten International has a range of investments that can be tailored to suit every investors expected returns and risk attitude.

Our approach to investing is risk-driven; we don’t focus on achieving short term rewards but believe that meeting your risk objectives provides a firmer grounding for the management of your portfolio.

Discretionary Portfolio Management

With this option, your Investment Account Manager, working with our teams of investment professionals, will help to design a portfolio that is specifically tailored for you and manage it on your behalf. In this case, your Investment Account Manager holds the final decision-making power on each investment, executing them without seeking your permission on each occasion.

This provides you with an expertly run investment portfolio without you needing to actively commit the necessary time and effort needed to manage it successfully.

Saitama Rakuten International discretionary portfolios typically invest in individual equities and bonds, as well as some alternative investments when appropriate. We also utilise external funds, such as exchange-traded funds to add the required diversification to a portfolio.

Advisory Portfolio Management

For those clients that want to be more involved in how their assets are managed and wish to retain the final investment decision in their own hands, then our Advisory Portfolio Management solution would be for you.

Your Saitama Rakuten International Investment Account Manager will still provide you with the latest insights and the recommendations that are developed through our research teams, and that are in line with your financial goals and risk appetite.

However, while our investment professionals will provide the opportunities, you will be free to make your own choices, on those opportunities and those of your choosing. We will help you to manage and review, making portfolio management recommendations along the way, but we will only act once you decide we should.

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