Saitama Rakuten International provides independent advice on estate planning, pensions and tax, as well as providing objective advice on your overall.

As a client of Saitama Rakuten International, you will have a single consistent point of contact through your Investment Account Manager, to look after you and help you to manage your financial assets on a daily basis. Our approach is transparent, highly consultative and incredibly flexible.

This flexibility is an absolute requirement as every individual client has their unique circumstances, financial objectives, and risk appetite.

While the bottom line will ultimately define the long term success of our relationship with you, what truly separates us from our competitors is the support we provide, achieving your financial goals as straightforward and stress-free as possible.

Saitama Rakuten International also has an investment banking division, offering our corporate and institutional clients an advisory service built upon deep industry expertise and secure professional networks.

Our Selection Process

Saitama Rakuten International security selection committee convenes at least once a month and acts on the work carried out by our various in house and affiliated specialists across all the major global markets and many more.

The committee targets a combination of strategies, styles, and sectors in support of ever-evolving investment policies, with our sector specialists, identify the most suitable investment opportunities that match up with these policies.

The security selection committee brings Saitama Rakuten International’s in house research together with that produced by our partners and affiliates around the world. All of this data is fed into our proprietary analytical and valuation methodologies.

These methodologies provide all of our investment professionals with exceptional data integrity, producing and contrasting investment opportunities across industries, sectors and geographical markets.

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